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Sandhills Area Board of Education Fighting FOR Public Schools

As members of the Moore County Community fret about embarrassing public spats between the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board of Education and Hoke County residents try to find out why they overpaid their members of the Board of Education to the tune of $20,200 in the last seven months, there are three Sandhills area Boards of Education who are truly attempting to SERVE the students, teachers, and the public schools they were elected to lead.

Richmond County - The Richmond County Board of Education recently passed a resolution objecting to the NC General Assembly’s plan to expand “opportunity scholarships” in an effort to shift money away from NC public schools into private, for profit, and religious schools.

Scotland County - The Scotland County Board of Education recently passed a resolution pleading with the NC General Assembly to raise teacher pay.

Robeson County - The Robeson County Board of Education has implemented innovative initiatives to identify and better serve academically gifted students who attend their public schools.

Learn more about how Hoke and Moore counties’ Boards of Education could learn a much needed lesson by examining the positive actions being taken in these other three Sandhills counties on Monday’s edition of the Country Coffee Chats with Cheryl podcast on Spotify.

***Commentary by Cheryl Christy. Cheryl can be reached at


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