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These are clowns, and this is a circus

Summary of the MoCo BoEd meeting 7/10/23:

* School lunch and breakfast costs for those who do not qualify for free or reduced lunch will be raised $0.50 each meal.

* Facilities plan goes back to committee to identify priorities.

* 13 books were challenged by Philip Holmes and the Board voted to begin the official challenge process for all 13 books.

* David Hensley's motion to do away with mandatory school fees fails.

The meeting itself was an embarrassment to the entire Moore County community.

The members argued and complained at one another so much, the entire meeting descended into chaos and confusion. Several times, votes were called when a majority of the members didn't even understand what was being voted on. Chair Robert Levy even admitted at one point that he was "confused" about what was being discussed.

The emotional outbursts of four members (Hensley, Levy, Bruno, and Holmes) were all unnecessary and childish. The meeting itself was continually disrupted by the bad behavior of members. If our children behaved in class the way our Board members behaved at that meeting, I am sure they would be severely punished.

Member Bruno was right about one thing she said though - our kids, our teachers & staff, and our public schools do NOT deserve this.

Moore County elected clowns. And the circus is now in town to stay.

***Commentary by Cheryl Christy. Cheryl can be reached at


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