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Country Coffee Chats with Cheryl - the official podcast of Moore & Sandhills Voices.


Providing unfiltered, straight talk from Moore & Sandhills Voices about politics, news, & events in Moore County, NC and the surrounding Sandhills area.


Fair Warning - it is more liberal than most political commentary in Moore County & the Sandhills and the only filters we have around here are the ones we use to make our coffee.

You can find the links to recent podcasts below, and you can access the entire back catalogue of podcasts HERE.

Latest Episodes



October 16, 2023 - Reflections on Covid and Community Journalism.


Episode Description:  Cheryl discusses why it is important to know who you're getting your information from and how to spot fake news. Plus, reflections on COVID and lockdowns and the sadness of how we didn't take lessons learned to heart.

October 13, 3023 - They Can Hear Us, But They're Not Listening

Episode Description:  Two former MCS employees make powerful statements, but is anyone listening? Plus, what lessons should we have learned from the Alisha Watts case and more changes are coming to Country Coffee Chats

October 10, 2023 - Hearts Full of Hate

Episode Description:  Cheryl explains how a badly worded and poorly thought out implementation policy regarding the Parents Bill of Rights in Moore County Schools is blatantly discriminatory and effectively bans ALL books from MCS classrooms. Plus, discussions about the hot mess in Montgomery County Schools and how Republicans should choose wisely in the upcoming municipal elections.

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