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Country Coffee Chats with Cheryl - the official podcast of Moore & Sandhills Voices.


Providing unfiltered, straight talk from Moore & Sandhills Voices about politics, news, & events in Moore County, NC and the surrounding Sandhills area.


Fair Warning - it is more liberal than most political commentary in Moore County & the Sandhills and the only filters we have around here are the ones we use to make our coffee.

You can find the links to recent podcasts below, and you can access the entire back catalogue of podcasts HERE.

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July 24, 2023 - Episode Description

1.  The manufactured outrage surrounding Jason Aldean, plus the problematic history and the much brighter looking future of country music.
2. What exactly is a public school advocate? And why do they seem to be at odds with so many conservative school boards across the state?


July 20, 2023 - Episode Description

1.  Is it too late to restore civility in Moore County? Maybe, but maybe not.

2. Public servants should have a heart to serve.


July 17, 2023 - Episode Description

1. The long term facilities plan of Moore County Schools and why everyone may be screaming into the wind about it, the public fraud being committed by private schools

2. A long overdue Face off between members of the MoCo BoEd

July 10.jpg

July 10, 2023 - Episode Description
1. Sandhills area school boards doing things right
2. The Moore County school board doing everything wrong
3. The gift of the West Southern Pines Community Center


July 7 , 2023 - Episode Description

1.  Moore & Sandhills Voices has a revamped website
2.  Moore feedback on Exceptional Needs teachers
3.  Hoke County Chaos Continues

4. Moore County is a frog in a pot of boiling water

July 3rd.jpg

July 3 , 2023 - Episode Description

1.  The plight of exceptional needs teachers - and the students they serve in our public schools.
2.  Red flags - and ONLY red flags at SCC
3.  A sad 4th of July

June 30.jpg

June 30, 2023 - Episode Description

1. Book challenges in public schools aren't about morality or age appropriate concerns. One author proves that.
2. The Hoke County Board of Education took even more money from HCS than previously known.

June 27.jpg

June 27, 2023 - Episode Description

1.  Financial irregularities in Hoke County Schools

2.  Why whistleblowers blow the whistle

3.  The farce that is the NC "Education" lottery.

June 23.jpg

June 23, 2023 - Episode Description

1. MoCo BoEd member David Hensley thinks everything is one big joke. Sadly, none of this is funny.
2. Jennifer Raynor McGuire and the Hoke County Hot Mess
3. We are being groomed to hate the people we should love

June 19.jpg

June 19, 2023 - Episode Description

1. The Pinehurst Village Council members are a bunch of feckless cowards being held hostage by bigots
2. Sandhills BoEds Round Up - Schools Fees, Superintendent Musical Chairs, and Wasting Money
3. Local elected Boards need to toughen up and shut up.

June 16.jpg

June 16, 2023 - Episode Description

1. The members of the MoCo BoEd are acting like children and embarrassing the entire community.

2. An emergency case of the vapors in Whispering Pines 

3 A rebuttal of a previous podcast by Whispering Pines Councilwoman Alexa Roberts

June 11.jpg

June 11, 2023 - Episode Description

1. Why Pride Month is so important

2. Casey Jones speaks of their pride and how love is greater than hate and 3. The surprise of our political leaders to all the right wing maneuvering in Moore County makes everyone look foolish.

June 9.jpg

June 9, 2023 - Episode Description

1. The years-long war on our public schools has done a lot of damage.

2. The LIE of School choice,

3. A message to graduates and their parents.

June 6, 2023 - Episode Description

1. A battle for control of the Moore County Board of Education

2. The consequences of owning the libs

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