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More unfiltered straight talk from Cheryl Christy about news, politics, and current events in Moore County and the surrounding Sandhills area. 

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This isn't a clown show - it's a horror movie.

Monday's Moore County Board of Education meeting featured screaming, yelling, name calling, cursing, and the creation of a new Board position apparently called "matriarch."

What it didn't feature was even one shred of basic human decency or service to our schools.

Husslin' in Hoke

The members of the Hoke County Board of Education have taken over a combined $44,000 from the taxpayers and put it directly into their pockets in the last seven months.

Let's break down the numbers.


The Hoke County Board of Education recently paid retention bonuses to HCS employees.

That's a GREAT thing.

But -

They also paid themselves.

A FOIA request has uncovered the fact that all five members of the Hoke County Board of Education received checks for $4,000 - checks that were supposed to go to retain teachers and certified staff.

That's $20,000 of taxpayers money that appears to have gone directly into the pockets of the members of the HoCo BoEd.


More on Hoke County, the GOP, the News Journal, and the BoEd. Plus - my response to outright lies being told to defend indefensible behavior.


The Hoke County GOP is calling members of the Hoke County Community domestic terrorists and threatening to send the FBI to their homes.


Because those members of the community are being critical of the Hoke County Board of Education and the current HCS Superintendent.


Corrections, clarifications, and spreading "misinformation."

Speaking of corrections, in this video, I state that Aberdeen Elementary and Robbins Elementary were rated as F schools by the state in the mid 2000s - I should have said in the mod 2010s.


Cat fights and constant chaos on the Moore County Board of Education

Mr. Levy and Mr. Hensley may have hurt each other's feelings and pride, but the real victims in their Uncivil War are the teachers, staff members, and students in Moore County Schools.


Moore County Schools wants perfection from teachers and students on end of year tests, but it certainly has low standards for itself.


Why is Moore County Schools lying to parents?

Why are children being detained by SROs without parental notification and the parent being lied to about the child's whereabouts?

And why is Dr. Tim Locklair refusing to meet with parents to discuss any of this?


Troubling appointments are being made to Moore County's governing and advisory boards.


Is there anything that can be done - specifically regarding the SCC Board of Trustees?


I saw something on Facebook yesterday that absolutely made me feel very sad and ashamed.

All of us "well meaning" liberals ought to be ashamed.

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