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The Internet Never Forgets

I want everyone to sit down and take a very deep breath. I am about to say something that will shock my regular readers and followers so badly, tit could cause fainting.


JD Zumwalt said something I agree with.

Last week on the Zumwalt Zone, JD stated that he had no use for Holocaust deniers. He said they are among the most disgusting and despicable human beings in the world.

And, he’s right.

There are some things that all decent human beings agree on. The horror of the Holocaust is one of those things. We have seen the evidence. We have the first hand accounts of some of the survivors. Most of us understand that the Holocaust was one of the greatest demonstrations of pure evil in human history.

Unfortunately, the likely Republican nominee for the governorship of North Carolina isn’t among us decent folks

Mark Robinson has a long history of bigotry. His most frequent targets are LBGTQ+ people, but he has also gone after women - and yes - Jewish people.

In light of the recent abhorrent, unprovoked, murderous, and terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israel, Robinson is attempting to pretend he never made anti semitic statements against the Jewish people. Unfortunately for Robinson, the Internet never forgets.

He agreed with a podcaster once that Jewish bankers were one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

He claims the figure of 6,000,000 jewish people killed in the Holocaust (the figure widely accepted by historians and well, you know, people who aren’t crazy) is false.

He called the Holocaust “hogwash.”

He made the claim that the movie “The Black Panther” was made by Jews who simply wanted to fleece black people out of their hard earned money.

All of these statements by Robinson are easily found with a quick Google search. Yet, the silence from many of his supporters in the Republican party is deafening.


If Holocaust deniers are the most disgusting people alive, as Mr. Zumwalt claims, why isn’t the GOP denouncing him? Other than criticism from Brandt Clifton over at the “Daily Haymaker,” GOP leaders appear not to care that Robison is anti semitic.

I guess it only makes you a disgusting human being to be a holocaust denier in their eyes if you don’t have a “R” beside your name on the election ballot.

***Commentary by Cheryl Christy. Cheryl can be reached at


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