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Public Education Advocacy


PSA: Public School Advocates

PSA: Public School Advocates is a non partisan group in Moore County co-founded by Alexa Roberts and Cheryl Christy-Bowman.

Members of PSA: Public School Advocates work together in a variety of ways to support and advocate for our public schools. From raising money for special projects, athletic equipment, and classroom resources, to collecting and distributing schools supplies, food & household items, and clothing to MCS families in need, to lobbying our elected officials to pass pro-public schools policies and budgets, PSA: Public School Advocates works tirelessly in our MCS community to make our schools the best in the state.

Get involved and join PSA: Public School Advocates today!


PFM: Parents for Moore

Parents for Moore is the single most reliable source for keeping up with news and events happening in Moore County Schools. If you have a question, chances are, Parents for Moore has the answer!

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