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Remember Us When You Vote

Remember me when you vote.

Remember me and all the kids like me when you vote.

Remember the exceptional needs kids, who deserve the same chance to learn as all the "normal kids."

Remember the kids who need extra help and who could benefit if North Carolina would follow the Leandro ruling and fully fund our schools.

Remember the kids who need to feel loved and accepted by our teachers because we're just a little bit different.

Remember the kids who don't know exactly who they are or where they fit in or how they love or need to ask uncomfortable questions and get honest answers.

Remember the kids who suffer from depression.

Remember the kids who are hungry.

Remember the kids with disabilities.

Remember us when you vote.

Remember the candidates who have promised to support those kids - those kids who are just like me.

Remember the candidates who have promised to erase us from existence, who have promised to take away our resources, services, and representation. Remember how they hate us. Remember how sad we are because they do. Remember that we don't understand and we are so confused by all the hostility.

Remember that Robert Levy called us lazy and undisciplined.

Remember that David Hensley openly made fun of us for decorating a Christmas tree.

Remember that Shannon Davis told us we should be treated like drug addicts.

Remember that Pauline Bruno thinks it's okay to tell our most private and embarrassing struggles to large crowds in public forums.

Remember that Ken Benway said we needed to be shown the gallows in the national mall and that our teachers and counselors were criminals and groomers who should be jailed for the simple act of showing us acceptance and kindness.


And vote for Pam Thompson, Robin Calcutt, and Rollie Sampson for Moore County Board of Education. They will remembers us. They won't mock us and make fun of us and threaten us. They understand we are here and we deserve a school board who believes we deserve to be accepted and educated.

The other candidates don't even want us to exist. If you vote for Benway, Bruno, and Davis, you're voting against US.

***Commentary by Jessica Christy Bowman. Jessica can be reached at


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